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Leverage your Lunch Hour to Increase Productivity

As an entry level attorney, you are likely seeking ideas for career advancement. Most successful attorneys get little to no breaks throughout their days. But, many studies prove that your productivity will increase substantially if you can take a mini break in your busy work day. And if possible, this mini break should be out of the office.
Here are some easy to implement ideas that will improve your daily productivity when engaged in over your lunch or afternoon break:
·         Contacts - Utilize your break to contact friends, family or network contacts. Utilizing this down time to speak to those who are important to you in your life will improve your productivity and the quality of your life.
·         Go Outside - Hours and hours can go by everyday with little to no time spent away from your desk or the library. Take time to walk outside, even if it is for a few moments. You will breathe in some fresh air and re-charge, improving your focus for the rest of your day.
·         Exercise - If possible, use your break to walk, participate in a fitness class or maybe to do yoga. Increasing your overall fitness will enable you to feel more energized and focused for the remainder of your work day.
·         Organize - Use your down time to organize the rest of your day"s schedule, to file, and to clean your general work space. Most professionals find that they are more productive when working in a clean work space.
·         Relax - Do something that you enjoy during this break. Read a magazine, take a walk, grab a bite to eat somewhere new or just sit and relax. Take your time off work for a few moments during the middle of your day to re-energize your focus for the remainder of the day.
By implementing these easy strategies, you will be in a stronger position to excel in your law profession.

By Adam Herschkowitz
Get Entry Level Attorney Jobs, Contributing Editor

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