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Entry Level Attorney: The case with this career

You must know your trade before you begin trading it. Becoming an attorney requires individuals to obtain a four year degree, and then attend law school for about three years. Once an individual has successfully completed all of the courses required in order to graduate, the student must sit for an exam in order to become an attorney and enter the workforce. Once the student has successfully passed the final law exam, the student is ready to enter the workforce. As a new attorney, it is important to have experience before you begin working on your own. This means that before you attempt to open your own practice, or work at a law firm, you should work with an attorney who has practiced law for numerous years. This is called an entry level attorney. An entry level attorney is an attorney who is new to the workforce and normally works along side a reputable attorney. The experienced attorney tends to take the new attorney under their wing to show them the ropes of their trade.
State your case, provide your argument
Becoming an attorney is a very rewarding profession. Firstly, becoming an attorney provides you with the opportunity to help a large variety of individuals with numerous different legal issues. Secondly, becoming an attorney is a great way to ensure that guilty individuals face the music when they undergo their trial and it provides justice to numerous individuals and communities who were affected by the guilty individual"s actions. Thirdly, when you are an attorney it provides you with an outlet to state your opinions, and provide supporting details as to why you feel a certain way about a situation. Lastly, a profession in law as an attorney provides a generous income. On average, the earnings of entry level attorney are around $55,000 per year. This annual amount of income will increase as the attorney gains more experience in the field.
Arguing your case requires a lot of effort
Most individuals who opt to become attorneys have an extreme amount of passion for their work. Whether the individual is passionate about law, about helping people, about debating, or what ever the situation may be most attorneys love their profession. The main complaint attorneys have about their profession is that it requires long working hours and requires them to work for days on end. For some, this causes a strain on family life or other personal affairs and is the one issue that attorneys have with their job.

By Rita Henry
Get Entry Level Attorney Jobs, Contributing Editor

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